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The Next-Gen Titan of Entertainment

We are a collective of Next-Gen Creators bringing a whole new wave of Entertainment and collectibles to the world of entertainment. We bring new twists on old ideas as well as bring forth a wave of unthinkable new ideas in which we merge to create a Multi-Reality Arc which spans of the many forms of entertainmen.

Our Ever Growing Collection

Check out our ever growing collection we will be release a wide variety of collectibles suitable for any collection. We will also be pairing with the patriarch upstart enterprise Dark Enternity Enterprises on gift certificatea and other bundle packages. 

Other Services

We offer a buy, sell, and trade for your traditional needs. We also offer collaborative program where we want to work with you creating your dreams in entertainment. Also we offer bookings. Contact Us and be sure to follow us at www.facebook.com/darkenchantercomics 


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